Based in Chicago, Amanda is originally from Massachusetts but learned to paint faces in Pittsburgh with Steel Town Clowns. With her clown partner, Jingles, Amanda found that she was much better at face painting than juggling, acrobatics, balloon animals, or any of the other important clown skills.

She has been painting people professionally for about twelve years and she's painted all ages, all types. You can't be too old for face painting (although you can be too young...if you don't know how to hold still when someone tickles you with a paintbrush).

Amanda paints at parties, picnics, festivals, fairs, concerts, sporting events, special promotions, nightclubs, and any event you want. She has been seen painting in Chicago on Fox32, NBC 5, ABC 7, WGN 9, and even TeleMundo.

She can re-create your corporate or team logo, cover you with flowers, or put the skyline of Chicago on your forehead. If you can think it, she can paint it.

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