Will Al be there?

Yes! Absolutely yes. He just confirmed.

Is the Holiday Inn sold out?

Yes. But we have blocks of rooms at these two lovely hotels nearby:

Hampton Inn
100 Busse Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 593-8600

Days Inn
920 E Higgins Rd
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
(847) 437-1650 x302

I missed the deadline…can I still get tickets?

Yes. Tickets will be available at the door for $35 each day. You can buy Saturday tickets on Friday or Saturday. No reservations, first come first serve…availability for Friday is limited. Ticket sales start 5 p.m. Friday and 11 a.m. Saturday.

Can I videotape at ALCON III?

Yes and no. You can shoot our events like the Lip Synch and the Gong Show, but if you want to shoot any of our special guests' performances, I'd prefer that you have their permission. You may NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES shoot video during Bermuda's or Al's appearance. Video cameras also will not be permitted during the movies on Friday night. If we find you taping when you're not supposed to be, your camera will be confiscated, your tape will be removed, and if you behave, you'll get the camera back on Sunday morning. All of the above goes for audio recording as well. We will be running our own cameras but we do not intend to release or sell our footage.

Are you going to have mugs and tshirts and all that cool stuff again?

You bet!

Can I perform?

We're booked for performers.

Will you schedule me now for the contests?

Sorry…all booked up.

Let's say I kick butt in one of the contests. What might I win?

Incredibly cool stuff. Like: a reed from Al's original accordion, a Polka Party poster, a Spy Hard single, and tons more stuff.

Will there be an autograph session with Bermuda?

Yes. It's not on the schedule yet, but trust me, it'll be in there somewhere.

And with Al?


How do I find cheap airfare to get to O'Hare?

We recommend Expedia and Travelocity.

What if I want to fly into a different airport?

You're on your own for getting to our hotel. We recommend Mapquest if you're driving or the Chicago Transit page if you want to try the trains and/or buses. Same goes for trips into the city, which is about half an hour away.

How many tickets are on sale?

All of them. But seriously. There will be plenty of tickets available at the door for Saturday and some for Friday as well.

If I'm the high bidder on something at the Al's Garage Sale Auction, can I pay by check?

Yes. Cash, credit cards and checks are all acceptable for the auction. But if a check bounces, we are SO coming after you. Credit cards will not be accepted at the ALCON III merch booth.

If I can't make it to ALCON III, can I still bid online for something in the auction?

No. Sorry. What do we look like, eBay? But you can always ask someone who's going and see if they'll bid for you.

Can I sell my stuff?

Sure. Get a Vendor Table.

Are you going to answer any more questions?

Sure...send 'em in!