Al's Garage Sale

1) The Eyeball Chair

This is the ultimate Weird Al collectible. There is only one. It was built for CBS's "The Weird Al Show." It lives in a storage facility and will not appear at ALCON III in person. Buyer will assume all packing and shipping charges.

FINAL BID: $3000


2) DTBS Jumpsuit

This yellow jumpsuit from "Dare To Be Stupid" was only used in the video, because the material is thick and proved un-roadworthy.


Photo stills courtesy of Gumby

3) Woo!

Remember that part in the "Fat" video where Al holds up a cartoon voice bubble that says "Woo!"? Here it is. Comes with a makeshift handle in the back.


4) Fuzzy ZZ Top Guitar

This icon of the '80s was used in the UHF video. It doesn't play as a guitar -- it's strictly a prop only -- but it really does magically rotate around at waist level. A belt harness is attached to the back.


See it in action! (QuickTime v5)

5) Prop Newspaper

Here's some Headline News for you! Be the high bidder on this one-of-a-kind item and you too will be singing "This Is The Life!"


6) College Blueprints

It was first on the list, so Al got a degree in it. In his third year studying architecture at Cal Poly, Al did a project that included these blueprints. Suitable for framing or wrapping fish. Note the portentous date in the corner.

FINAL BID: $1000

7) Mr. Molasses

It's the Mr. Molasses costume from Episode #3601 of the Weird Al Show ("He's Not Heavy, He's My Hamster"). Mr. Molasses (played by Rick Overton) was the very best friend of the Hooded Avenger, until he died in a freak accident...or did he??


Photo still courtesy of Jon Cross

 8) Pentium Girl Costume

No, sorry, it's not the platinum suit. Pry your eyes off Al and look at the girls. No, it's not one of the girls. It's one of their outfits. No idea how Al got one of the girls to give up their clothes. Wait, that came out wrong. Anyway, this item is a complete Pentium girl outfit (used in the video "It's All About The Pentiums"). It includes hot pants, skirt, top, and shoes. No, we don't know which girl wore it, but we think it was the pretty one.


 9) Magic Silver Wand

This is the silver ribbon wand used by Jim West in the "Bedrock Anthem" video. Magic powers not included.


 10) Swaypole Pants

Al sez: "I wore this pair of fluorescent orange pants when I was performing my death-defying swaypole stunt on Circus Of The Stars." Tie-dyed socks not included.


11) Compleat Al Painting

Remember that part in "The Compleat Al" where this crying teenage girl said she did this painting of Al because Al is "the beginning, the beginning of everything..."? You secretly wanted to be her. Well, now you can have her original, framed oil painting.


And finally…

12) Big Green Thing

This green grinning goblin was a featured part of the set on the CBS Saturday morning series "The Weird Al Show," after which it spent a year or so in the entryway to Al's house. It was designed and built by Wayne White, the genius behind the set design for TWAS as well as "Pee Wee's Playhouse." And of course, the beautiful thing in the photo will be viewable at ALCON III. So will the goblin.