Who? Amanda Cohen!
1318 W. Montrose Ave. #3E
Chicago, IL 60613
cel: 773-519-2227
fax: 773-271-3493
[email protected]

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Height: 5' 8''
Weight: 180
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Sex Scenes Eileen, Sierra Polly Frost (staged Reading)
On Air (Improv 1940's Radio Show) ensemble Workshop-in-Progress, Dir. Amy Roeder
Improv Playouse ensemble Dir. David Stuart
Improv Kitchen ensemble (understudy) Dir. Bryan Pray
Radioactive Underpants (improv) ensemble Dir: Mike Wilkins
Hogwash: an Improvised Tall Tale artist/understudy Jerk Alert Prod./Dir: Emily Dugan
Micetro (Chicago) ensemble Son of a Goon Productions
Marvelous Marvins Mother Goose Mistake Delores/Librarian/M. Goose Chernin Center/Dir: Emily Dugan
Vladmir Dracula Comedy Hour Joanne Worley WNEP Theater (Company Member)
Dirty Bible Stories Deborah/ensemble WNEP Theater/Dir: Emily Dugan
Slammer: A Prison Girls Musical Warden Ima DeZell Talented Katz Productions
Awake in the Night (improv drama) ensemble The Playground/Dir: Nancy H. Walker
Little Shop of Horrors Mrs. Luce/Pat Martin Theatre 219/Dir: Kevin Wall
The Armageddon Radio Hour Helen Stratford/writer WNEP Theater/Dir: Don Hall
Poked, When Bush Comes to Shove understudy/improv player GayCo Productions (2000-present)
Floss! The Beboian Dance Experience Kiddi Slaydo Cornservatory (original cast)
Hollyweird Squares/Gameshow Night Fran Drescher/Dr. Ruth Roscoes/Billy Goat Factory Prod.
WBRE (improv revue) featured player Boxer Rebellion Ensemble
Hades Haunted Houses featured freak Nightscape Productions('97-'99)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas Who chorus The Annoyance/Dir: Mark Sutton
Beau Jest Sarah Stage Right/Dir: Margot Kunkle
Susquehanna Hat Company improv troupe member Pittsburgh, Pa.
...and a bunch of troupes you never heard of improv troupe member Chicago


Walgreens Health Initiatives Announcer/Floor Manager Brien Lee Video Story (live)
Best Buy Grand Opening Joan Rivers Absolutely Entertainment (live)
Sales Training Tapes (vo) Joan Rivers Abbott Laboratories
One Step Beyond Awards ProgramMadam Margo Abbott Labs (live)
Sears Training Video employee David Wechsler, RDR Video Prod.
By the Book, Phillip Morris film Phyllis, non-smoker Production Masters, Inc.
Jade Dragon Tattoo Parlor (TV/Radio) announcer Destruction Productions
Bud Light (TV spec) Ugly Lulu Champ Films
Chernin's Shoes (TV) dorky dancer Champ Films/Magnani & Assoc.
Fire Safe Products (TV) announcer (vo) Speciale FXX Productions
Pittsburgh Children's Zoo (TV, Print) Beaver Mom MARC Advertising
Escape from Planet Love Supreme Dominatrix Massive Ego Productions, Dir: Emil Hyde
Flocked (TV pilot) Annette Group Films, Dir: Steve Delahoyde (finalist 2007 Chicago Comedy TV Pilot Competition)
Feast of Fools (podcast) Amanda Steinstein Fausto Fernos
Left Behind (original radio and CD series) various characters GAP Digital/Tyndale House
Left Behind: The Children Principal Coco Jenness GAP Digital/Tyndale House
Left Behind: Indwelling Hannelore GAP Digital/Tyndale House
Character Workshop Jason Anfinsen, Jerk Alert Productions
Sketch Writing Philip Mottaz, Jerk Alert Productions
Hothouse Organic Improv Intensive Todd Stashwick
ComedySportz University (101-404) Alida Vitas, Jason Pardo, Cayne Collier, Randy Smock
Voice Over I and II Jeff Lupetin, The Audition Studio
Sketch Writing I and II Eric Spitznagle, Second City Training Center
Annoyance Theatre Joe Bill, Mick Napier
Second City Conservatory '97-'98
Ed Garza/Norm Holly/Martin deMaat/Dexter Bullard
Special Skills 

Voice: alto/soprano, impressions (Joanne Worley, Fran Drescher, Joan Rivers and more), dialects and original characters; improv, balloon animals, face painting, basic mime, make-up, roller-skating, roller-blading, scuba, stand-up comedy, writing.